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Here’s everything you need to know about Lights

Here’s everything you need to know about Lights

1. Introduction: About Lights

No, we humans are not nocturnal creatures. The lack of the tapetum lucidum, however, has been duly compensated by those additional grey cells, that not only allow you to fiddle with that fascinating and exciting night vision goggles but also strategically and fashionably illuminate your abode. We here at HomeLane, are experts at the latter and have pulled our forces together to formulate this extensive guide which aims at answering all your interior lighting-related queries. 

Lighting is crucial to interior decoration since it can both make and mar your room aesthetics. Lighting types and intensity should be duly taken into consideration since it can contribute to irritation, tired eyes and lighting fatigue. While picking the right lighting for your home, one should remember that:

  • Lighting always works in conjunction. The effectiveness of lighting depends on other interior design factors like colour palettes, room size and layout, headspace availability, fabric choices, and furniture selection. 

  • The illusion is an integral part of all design. Space illusion in interior design is defined by reflected light, in simpler terms, lights used for interior decoration creates an illusion of vastness by reflecting on surfaces and further illuminating the concerned room and its elements. 

2. Types of Light: 

There are, as we already know, numerous types of lights that can be utilised in interior decoration. Each light comes in individual shapes, sizes, uses, prices, and brands. Before we indulge in a detailed discussion regarding the same, let's gloss over the basics first. 

Lights can broadly be divided into two broad categories- natural and artificial, based on their sources. Natural light, that is sunlight or moonlight, is subject to the movement of the earth and other celestial bodies, which is in all its entirety, out of our hands. The artificial, or man-manufactured lights are flexible in terms of design, intensity, colour, and most importantly can be regulated. 

Combustion light, like candles and fireplaces, is a product of an amalgamation of natural and artificial light sources, play a substantial role in home decor. The inclusion of all three types is important in order to attain a harmonic semblance of light in any room.

Lights utilised specifically for interior decoration can, however, be divide into five different types:

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