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About Home
Creative Interior Pvt. Ltd.

Home Creative Interior is a well-established company that provides interior design services. We provide creative solutions for new homes and renovation projects. Our vast experience and thorough expertise have allowed us to navigate towards success, and it brings us immense joy when our services or accessories have benefited people in some way or another.

We are deeply immersed in establishing ways to fulfill every individual's fundamental requirement. Your comfort and satisfaction are what matters the most to us, which is why we invest in top-notch tools and equipment to produce and deliver the services and products that best match your requirements. Our customer support team is well organized and responsive, assuring highly convenient interactions.

Our services are reasonably priced and accessible; precision is maintained at all times, and we want to provide nothing but the best to our valued customers. We have countless satisfied customers, but all gave one positive remark in common: perfection. Our team gives 100% and is ready to make as many modifications as needed.

Proven Process

How We Work


Architecture & Interior

  • Client briefing
  • Site visit / site selection
  • Preparation of design brief
  • Design development
  • Client presentation

Material Selection

  • Selection and BOQ
  • Sample selection
  • On site mockups
  • Material verification
  • procurement & dispatch

Project Supervision

  • Assigning specialized consultants
  • Contractor assessment
  • Work scheduling
  • Onsite supervision
  • Documentation

Customized Product Design

  • Customized designing
  • Execution
  • Procurement & Installation